SeattleLightBox - Get the Light You Need.
My Story
Shortly after moving to Seattle in 1999, I realized that the long dark winters were taking a toll on my spirits. One winter morning I had my "aha" moment while eating breakfast at Vera's diner in Ballard.
My wife and I were seated in a window seat when all of a sudden the clouds parted and the sun emerged from what seemed like months of hiding. All at once I felt warm, energized and yes, happy. I basked in the sun for a while and then it dawned on me.
 I NEED MORE LIGHT. The next day I bought a light box and have used it ever since.
Through the years I encouraged others struggling through the autumn and winter to try a light box. Many of my friends and acquaintances expressed keen interest but never followed through. My sense was that people were reluctant to make a purchase without really knowing if the light box would help.
When I started Seattle Light Box I decided to offer a low cost trial so that people could try one before they decided whether to make a purchase. This consumer friendly approach works out really well.
I use a light box every morning and it has helped me greatly over the past 10 years ward off winter depression. Each morning I sit in front of my light box for 30 minutes while I read the paper and sip my cup of tea. It is a great ritual that gets my day off to a positive start.
I encourage all of you who have a tough time during the darker days of winter to give it a try. It could be a game changer. Order a trial today

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