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Lightbox trials available in Seattle area
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Phototherapy for Non Seasonal Depression
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Lightbox trials available in Seattle area

2015 SAD Season in full swing

The days are getting increasingly shorter and the clouds and rain have resumed. If you feel more sluggish, less energetic, depressed you might need more light than you are getting. Fortunately Seattle Lightbox continues to offer trial lightbox rentals. Lightbox therapy is effective 80% of the time to treat seasonal depression without the worry of side effects.

Lightbox does not afffect level of vitamin D

A common misconception is that a SAD light box works by raising your vitamin D level. This is not the case. A light box blocks out UV light like a good pair of sunglasses. Vitamin D levels increase with skin exposure to UV light. A SAD light works by exposing the eyes to non-UV light of sufficient intensity to cause a decrease in melatonin and an increase in serotonin.
Maintaining vitamin D levels can elevate mood but a SAD light will not serve this purpose.

30% of Seattlites affected by shortening days

Here are some interesting statistics. The incidence of Seasonal Affective Disorder in Seattle is 10%. Another 20% are affected negatively, though not clinically depressed. They experience lethargy, need for more sleep, carbohydrate craving and weight gain. Both groups benefit from daily use of a light box.
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